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This is a result of GJ4W(Game Jam 4 Weekend) #9.

The main theme of GJ4W #9 was 'Rhythm Action Game' so I've made a 'Roguelike-Rhythm Action Game.'

This game was developed within (slightly less than) 48 hours.

<(extremely unnecessary) GAME STORY>

You are a dancer in some sort and accidentally trapped in a mysterious tower full of zombies.

The only way to get out of this foul place is to GO UP.

But the zombies in this tower want you to be their friends so you gotta dodge them while going up.


The main goal of this game is 'to go up the tower as high as you can' IN STYLE!

You must follow the rhythm while moving. If you lose your groove and move like a typical dumb, sluggish dungeoneer, the god of rhythm will suck up your life juice!

The monsters in this foul tower are so powerful that they can kill you in a single hit. But if you are equipped with shields, you will be able to endure the brutal attack. (for once per a shield.)


IJKL = Up, Left, Down, Right

1 = Reset Scoreboard (in Scoreboard page)


This game is currently in Prototype status so the graphics are UNBELIEVABLY poor.


Any positive/negative feedback would be appreciated!


rhythm action roguelike (LSD - Lit Solitary Dungeon).exe 2 MB

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